Hey, I'm Abbey 👋. I'm a software developer and graphic designer from San Francisco, California.

Currently, I'm in Berlin, where it's and a beautiful °F with . I'm probably if you're trying to reach me. You can get in touch at abbeyyacoe@gmail.com.

I work as a UX Engineer at Fictive Kin, a design and engineering studio based in Brooklyn. I also operate printer_scanner, where I experiment with design. You can find printer_scanner on Instagram and Github.

In the past, I worked as a software engineer on the Rubin Observatory, an astronomical survey with first light expected December 2023, and as an art director at XYZ, a San Francisco production studio, to name a few things. Before that, I studied English at Northeastern University, and unfortunately, I now have a blog where I talk about super boring books.

Along the way, I collected a few free pdfs and put them in my Library. You can use wget to grab them all. I also have a YouTube channel where I document my world travels. This site was built with Slightly Better CSS.